DevLog #10: "Week 9"

In order to keep the most stable build of the game available to my Playtesters, I've started releasing partial updates throughout the week. For that reason, I'm changing the naming convention to "Devlog #: Title", though I do still plan on posting a new Devlog by each Friday. Schedule Willing.

This update replaces the Tutorial with a Hub World. The gameplay in the Tutorial is not representative of the gameplay in the rest of the game. It was so focused on a granular test of player skill, it fell more like a level based platformer. What I want is a more open Collectathon Experience. Currently, the Hub World is in a "Blocked Out" state like the Earth World is. This means that primitive shapes are placed to get a sense of flow and space in the area, before time and resources are devoted to crafting a more aesthetic environment.

I also added a simple NPC to the Hub World, an orb that will runaway from the Player, and will jump when the player touches them.

In the Earth World, I added more platforms to the Pillar Chambers and Placed some Fire Shards to collect, in addition, there is a cache of Void Orbs, an Earth Crystal, and a Fire Shard placed in the entrance to the Mummy's Tomb Area. The Mummy's Tomb Area is not yet available in a stable build.

Slight Changes to the Camera, the Air Boon, and the player movement to improve game feel and fix bugs. After Jumping, when the player collides with a platform, they will now stick Very Briefly. This will help the player to "recover" From near misses, and should make it easier to control the initial direction of a slide on an Angled Wall. Also, Added Long Jumping, (Press "Jump" immediately after pressing "Slow/Align Egg"), this will be faster than rolling, when traveling in a line.

Thank You!

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Feb 17, 2022

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