Week 4: Blender


I spend a good portion of this week familiarizing myself with Blender and 3d Modeling. I also spent some time building out the content of the Earth Level. I was building a level on the side of a mountain, but I was having a hard time planning out challenges in a satisfying way. So I scrapped that, and started a version with a Large Pyramid, and an Underground section.

Currently, the Underground section is blocked off, and the pyramid is only partially built. The Level also feels pretty empty right now.

Even so, Today is Friday, so I'm adding what I have to the build, and posting this devlog!

Edit: Fixed Issue where Baked Lighting wasn't existing in the game.

Due Next Friday: Finish building the interior of the Pyramid, make the level feel less empty, start building out the underground section.


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Jan 08, 2022

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