Week 1: Tutorial

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I have added a Basic Tutorial to the game. It's currently in a 'blocked out' state, meaning that it's built only with simple geometry and just enough detail to get a sense of how the level will flow. This is a common step that level designers in larger studios will use to make quicker iterations on a level, before it get's sent to the art team to be made pretty. In this case, I am using it so that I can keep up with my weekly updates!

A large part of a tutorial is helping give the player a sense of understanding, it set's them up to be able to anticipate how certain inputs or actions will pan out. In The Big EggVenture, where the game mechanics are all rooted in the physics engine, a little more technical understanding can be a big help. So I was very careful to make sure I explained things as clearly as possible, without writing a novel.

Another large aspect of this game is Technical Execution. Even if you understand all the underlying mechanics, you still have to get used to judging distances, your speed, changing egg orientation efficiently, getting your egg stopped safely on a platform so you can look around, ect. Essentially, this game demands a good amount of dedication from the player. There isn't enough here to justify that, yet.

Last week I mentioned, working on the Wall Jumping and Adding a simple Settings Menu. I've determined that Wall jumping isn't imperative to the flow of the game, at this point. And the Settings Menu was meant to allow the player to experiment with the Mechanics of Wall Jumping. These features where not added. If I determine that Wall Jumping will help elevate the play experience, or if there's enough demand, I'll consider returning to these mechanics.

Next Friday,  I'll have a rough outline of how I want the overall game to flow, and the Power Ups I want to explore. If time allows, I'll build a new 'Playground' level to better reflect the new Outline. I hope to have something new to experience by next week, but some parts of development take time to do properly.

Done: New Tutorial better explains Mechanics of game. Disabled Wall Jumping, as it doesn't contribute to desired game feel.
Due Friday: Rough outline of Overall Game and Power Ups. Maybe, Replace 'Playground' level.

Thank You!
~ ArtisanBubblegum

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