Rough Draft.

Controls XBox Controller (Recommended):
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Look
Left Trigger (Hold) - Slow/Align Egg
Y Button - Jump
Y Button (Hold) - Air Boon - Allows player to influence movement while airborne.
X Button (Hold) - Wood Boon - Egg  Sticks to and can Climb walls/ceilings.
A Button (In Air) - Earth Boon - Halves Horizontal Momentum and Shoots Egg Downward.
B Button (Hold) - Fire Boon - Egg Becomes Shrouded in Flames, burning certain objects. (Burnable Objects are not yet in the Game)
Start Button - Menu - Here you can activate the boons, they are off by default.

Long Jump - Press "Jump" immediately after pressing "Slow/Align Egg"
Hight Jump - Align the egg to roll over it's "Point," just as it rolls onto it's point, press "Jump"

Keyboard + Mouse (Not Recommended):
WASD - Move
Arrows/Mouse - Look
Left Shift (Hold) - Slow/Align Egg
Space - Jump
Space (Hold) - Air Boon
Left Click (Hold) - Wood Boon
F Key (In Air) - Earth Boon
Right Click (Hold) - Fire Boon
P Key - Pause Menu

Debugging/Cheat Controls:
X - Move Vertically Up

Music: DawnSomewhere Link (Marshmallow Explosion, Idiots Thwart My Plans)
Sound Effects:

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