Week 6: Tumble Blocks

Tumble Blocks! 

They are very Territorial and will hurl themselves at any who draw too near! If the aggressive tackling wasn't hint enough, you can Identify an Angered Tumble Block by their Sour Scowl and Red Hue. If they lose interest while you're in range, then make a direct escape lest you reAnger them. Most of this weeks development went into adjusting and fine tuning the behavior of these enemies. That said, I'm certain much more work can be done with them.

In addition, I've added 20 Fire Gem Shards. Once You collect all 20, an Earth Gem will appear near the spawn zone. Later in Development there will be Elemental Condensers you take the shards to. Example: Air Overcomes Fire, and Fire Generates Earth. So In the Earth Level, you collect 20 Fire Shards, take them to the Air Condenser, which converts them into 1 Earth Gem.

There has been a large issue with the Camera clipping into the Ground and Walls. I've adjusted the Raycasting Calculations to be a bit Tighter. This doesn't completely stop the clipping, but reduces it considerably. I spent most of a day trying to balance it out as best I can.

Under the Pyramid has had a small Expansion, and a couple new inhabitants. Big Tumble Blocks! Please explore, and let me know how it feels! I plan on expanding it a lot more by next Friday. In fact, I want to focus primarily on the expansion of the underground next week. With this expansion, I plan on rearranging the Orbs and Shards to better cover the level. Though I may consider increasing the number of Shards/Orbs.

Due Friday: Large Expansion of Underground.

Hot Fix: Fixed Issue with Camera panning away from player.

Play Here: Link


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Jan 21, 2022

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