Week 5: Earth Level Dev


This week I added 100 Void Orbs to the Earth Level. Currently they serve no purpose beyond a number on your screen. Later in Development, they will unlock the portal to the Final Area, upon collecting 500+ Orbs. (Though I am considering  upping that to 200 and 1000+ orbs)

I added two numbers to the top left of the screen in the Earth Level, these are temporary UI to let you know how much and what you've collected. The black number tracks the 100 void orbs that have been scattered across the level. the Green Number tracks the Earth Gems, and at Five Gems, a portal is activated. This portal will eventually take you to the boss area, when it is developed. For now, the portal will take you to the 'Playground.'

The Pyramid section is all blocked out, and I've opened the "Under the Pyramid" section, though there is nothing built down there, yet.

Further, your progress in the Earth Level will be saved between visits, though you will have to redo the tutorial level each time. I believe Unity will ask your browser to save the data as cookies? Simple things like [EarthCrystal3:"Yes"], I realize this isn't a secure way to handle progress data, but I don't think a sincere player will cheat themselves the experience of playing for real. Later in Development, I'll be adding a Hub Area, when that is available, you'll bypass the Tutorial on subsequent visits.

I'm thinking I'll have 8 Gems when the level is done.

  1. Top of the Shelved Pillar
  2. Top of the Wizard's Pillar
  3. Across the Pillar's Bridge
  4. Bellow the Fallen Pillar
  5. On top of the Pyramid
  6. The Mummy's Tomb
  7. Deep Underground
  8. "Something to do with the river"

The level is starting to feel a little fuller, but there are still big empty sections. I'd like to develop a simple enemy that I can have patrolling around the level. That will breath a little more life into the above ground section. As for the Underground section, I'll want a slightly different enemy that can harass the player.

Due Next Friday: Block out some of the underground sections. Develop a simple enemy that can patrol around the level and attack the player. brainstorm another collectable to fill the level with.

Play Here


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Jan 15, 2022

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