Return From Hiatus. 10th Dec 2022


This is the first in, 'I hope,' Many Devlogs! I'll be posting a new one every Friday!

This Week, we're coming back from a long Hiatus. I spent some time refamiliarizing myself with the game, removing redundant code blocks, and commenting out all my code. I would like to say, "I'll always comment my code as I write it, from now on," But I know myself well enough, that wont happen. I'll always write my code straight ahead, and expect a future self to be diligent for me.

In addition to that, I made slight adjustments to how the Egg Handles. Most notably, the Jump. Currently you can jump off any surface, regardless of it's facing. Also, the Direction of the jumps are influenced by the Normal of the Surface you jump from. Half to the force Is applied upward, and half of the force Is applied in the direction of the normal. (A normal is like a laser pointing from a surface, Directly away from it.) I want to develop the Wall Jump a little more, it doesn't feel satisfying yet. As for Ceiling Jumping, I'm really not sure how much use it may end up having, but I don't plan on removing it.

You may notice some new Geometry added to the testing grounds. this was to help me do some testing with the wall jumping.

Next Friday, I plan on having a Basic Tutorial blocked out. This will help me to better feel the controls in the context of a level. I would also like to draw some concept art for the game, but I don't think I'll have time between my other projects for this just yet.
I don't have much experience with UI, but I would like to build a very basic 'Settings' screen so you can adjust the controls to your feel, and give me better feedback.

Cleaned up and Commented Code. Slight Adjustments to Controller, primarily jumping, direction is 50% influenced by the Surface Normal. Added some Wall Jumping Geometry to Test Scene.
DueFriday: Block Out a Basic Tutorial. Add Settings UI to help with Pre-Alpha Testing and Feedback. Try to make Walljumping feel 'Satisfying.' Maybe Draw some Concept Art.

Thank You!
~ ArtisanBubblegum


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Dec 10, 2021

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