Week 3: Elements


This week, I have all Five Boons implemented!

  • Fire - Coats the Egg in Flame, allowing it to burn certain objects. Currently, I am using a placeholder texture for the flames and the smoke.
  • Earth - Give the Egg a Ground Pound, and increases the impact resistance.
  • Metal - Gives the Egg an Extra Health Point. Later in development, there will be Stage Hazards that this boon provides immunity from.
  • Air - Allows the Egg to Adjust their direction while airborne.
  • Wood - The Egg can Sprout Spikes to Stick to and Climb on walls/ceilings.

These boons are off by default, but you may turn them on in the Setting Menu. (Press Start on Controller, or P on Keyboard)

These will be the Power Ups you gain for defeating the Bosses from each Themed Area, when I reach that stage in development. For now, try them out, to see how they feel.

I also adjusted the difficulty of the Tutorial level, due to complaints. I also implemented XBox Controller Support, as the finer control that a Stick gives over a Button, makes a huge difference in game feel, and egg control.

After the Tutorial is the 'Playground' area, I've been using this space to test out the different features I'm developing. There is some new Geometry added to the Playground, specially for the new Boons.

The Egg Shell Chips, where replaced with Mini Eggs, and their pickup range has been reduced.

Due Next Friday: I'll have a rough draft built out for one of the Themed Areas, and implement a new collectable that will open a portal to the Playground. Later in development, this portal will lead to the boss area. I might get some Concept Art prepared, if I have extra time.


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Dec 31, 2021

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