Week 7: Rough Week


My GF asked me to get the Vaccine, so I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday Morning. Usually I'm pretty resilient to sickness, but the Vaccine absolutely kicked my butt. I quickly started to feel the soreness in my arm build, not surprisingly. But later that day, I entered into a Brain Fog and experience Extreme Chills that night. I've been dealing with Fatigue and a Headache that varies in intensity, ever since. Today was the first day I felt right enough to get back to working on anything at all.

What I have to present this week is;

An Expanded Underground. I had hoped to have the Underground connect to the bottom of the level, but due to my state of being (or Lack there of) I was unable to reach that Goal. Even still, I feel that there is a good amount to  explore down there for now. In addition, I've added a point light that will follow the player while they are in the Pyramid, or Underground.

Through the week I've been doing more work with the camera, trying to better refine it, and fix bugs as they are found. There is one Bug, where the Camera suddenly zooms in and looks upward, each time the player jumps, but I've been Unable to replicate this. If you can replicate the bug, please contact me on my Discord @Artisan

If you are an unfortunate individual that doesn't have an Xbox Controller, rejoice in the knowledge that you are not alone. I have recieved a number of complaints with the Keyboard Controls. First off, I've halved the sensitivity of the Mouse's Influence on Camera Orientation. Second, If you Hold "Left Shift" this will align the Egg to the Camera in a more Optimal Orientation, and will also Reduce the Eggs Max Rotational Velocity. This should help Keyboard Players on the more precise platforming, while not detracting from the skill associated with faster movement. (For Controller Players, this same feature is Mapped the Left Trigger.)

Due Friday: Connect the Underground to the Bottom of the Level, Start Building out the Mummy's Tomb Section, Learn how to make things look pretty in Blender, and how to transfer that Prettyness to Unity. (Depending on my Progress this week, I plan on rebuilding the Tutorial Level, and trying to make it look/feel more refined)

Player Here: Player in Browser


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Jan 29, 2022

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