Xbox Controller: (Recommended)
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Shoot
Start Button - Pause/UnPause
A Button - Select (While Paused)

WASD - Move
Arrows - Shoot
Esc Key - Pause/UnPause
Space Key - Select (While Paused)
AButton = L Key
BButton = P Key
XButton = K Key
YButton = O Key

Two Stick Shooter, Roguelite. You play as a Sentient Space Egg, being hunted down by a mysterious fleet of space beings. Consume their suffering, and survive as long as you can.

I feel like I have the Base Gameplay down, I want to add in Perks/Powers like you would normally see in other Rogue Likes. "When you shoot, shoot an extra bullet behind you", "Triple Armor, but double Size and Half Speed", "Gain a follower that periodically shoots at enemies.", etc.

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