A downloadable minigame for Windows

Final Version 0.5 

I made this game back in 2017, I reached a point where I was satisfied enough to put this down and work on other things. As it stands, if I where to return to development, it would simply be adding more content.

It started as an experiment too see if I could build an interesting Bee AI,  one thing lead to another, and now you play as the worlds greatest hunters fighting against time and an ever impending doom.

How long can you survive?

Basic Controls:

A/D: Move Left or Right, Double Tap to Dash, Exit Dive
W: Gain Altitude
S: Lose Altitude
J: Dash Left or Right
K: Level Out
L: Hover (Cannot catch Bugs while Hovering)
Space: Dive 
Escape: Pause

While Hovering, W,A,S, or D: Hover Creep, in respective directions
While Exiting a Dive, Press W: Undiving Dash

SouthPaw Controls:
LeftArrow/RightArrow: Left or Right, Double Tap to Dash, Exit Dive
UpArrow: Gain Altitude
DownArrow: Lose Altitude
H: Dash Left or Right
T: Level Out
R: Hover (Cannot catch Bugs while Hovering)
Space: Dive
Delete: Pause

Installation Self Help Guide:
1. Did you Extract ALL the Files out of the ZIP?
2. Are all the Files still their proper names, properly capitalized, and in a common Folder? (DragonFly && DragonFly_Data)
3. Did you try re-installing the game?


DragonFly.zip 13 MB

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