Update to Version 0.5

Change Log v0.5:

        * Player:
                - Controls Slightly Reworked:
                        ~ Double tapping left or right will now dash. (Pressing [h]/[j] still also dashes)
                        ~ Down now moves you downward
                        ~ [k]/[t] now used to level out
        * Bird:
                - One Bird with basic Ai added.
                        ~ Name: Worse Sir Shire
                        ~ When hit by bird, -20 sec to -1 min, depending on how squarly the bird hits.
                        ~ biting bird, +20 sec and weakens bird
                        ~ when bird dies, +4 min
                        ~ flys slightly faster than Normal Dashing Speed
        * Field Bees:
                - a group of bees has moved into the feilded area.
        * Timer:
                - Timer now pauses when you pause the game.
        * Map:
                - Fields:
                        ~ Expanded Feilds to the Right, with placeholder art.
                - Ant Caves:
                        ~ Replaced edge colliders with polygon colliders to prevent Ants and Player from falling out of map.
        * Bugs:
                - Fixed Bug where losing more time that you have left causes the timer to Jump to Max instead of closing the game.

Older Change Logs available in Download.


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Sep 19, 2017

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