Super Rough Draft, everything subject to change.
Project Cancelled, had to replace my computer due to performance issues.
Please See Dev Log.

Tip: Ghosts cannot be harmed until their Grave Stone has been Destroyed.

Xbox Controller: (Recommended)
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Look
A - Toggle Sword/Ball Mode
Ball Mode:
  B (Hold) - Build Momentum Faster
  X (Hold) - Build Momentum Slower (Does NOT slow Current Momentum)
  Y - Jump
      X - Fast Fall (After Jumping)
Sword Mode:
  B - Sword Thrust
  X - Sword Backstep
  Y - Jump
      B - Wall Boost (After Jumping, While Touching a Wall)
      B - Sword Boost (After Jumping)
          X - Sword Fall (After Sword Boosting)
  Left Trigger - Attack 1
      Right Trigger - Attack 2 (After Attack 1 or 3)
          Left Trigger - Attack 3 (After Attack 2)

Keyboard: [Alternate Mouse Inputs]
WASD - Move
Arrows - Look [Move Mouse]
Left Ctrl - Toggle Sword/Ball Modes
Ball Mode:
  Left Shift (Hold) - Build Momentum Faster [Middle Click]
  X or Right Shift (Hold) - Build Momentum Slower (Does NOT slow Current Momentum)
  Space - Jump
      X or Right Shift - Fast Fall (After Jumping)
Sword Mode:
  Left Shift - Sword Thrust [Middle Mouse]
  X or Right Shift - Sword BackStep
  Space - Jump
      Left Shift - Wall Boost (After Jumping, While touching a Wall) [Middle Click]
      Left Shift - Sword Boost (After Jumping) [Middle Click]
          X or Right Shift - Sword Fall (After Sword Boosting)
  Period Key - Attack 1 [Right Click]
      Forward Slash "/" - Attack 2 (After Attack 1 or 3) [Left Click]
          Period Key - Attack 3 (After Attack 2) [Right Click]
L - Lock Cursor
Esc - UnLock Cursor

1. You can 'Buffer' the next attack in the Basic Attack String. As Long as your are holding down the correct Trigger when the sword reaches it's crest, the next attack will start.
2. Short Hop by releasing the Jump Button before the end of the JumpSquat. 
3. Wall Boosting will be most effective at (or just after) the Crest of your Jump.
4. The Sword Boost and Wall Boost can be combined to gain more height.

Music by DawnSomewhere

Development log

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