Play as a Magic Watermelon that's on a Quest to collect all the Missing Magic Boxes.

Beginner Course Complete! (8 Levels) ( ~ 15 Min Playtime)

Moderate Course Complete! (10 Levels) ( ~ 45 Min Playtime)

Hard Course Complete! (12 Levels) ( ~ 3 Hours Playtime) 

Egg Mode Added! (Unlocked on completion of Hard Course)

Move - Arrow Keys / Left Control Stick
Automatic Camera - Automatic / Automatic
Manual Camera - WASD / Right Control Stick

Patch Notes and Credits in Download.


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Collecting Ball 40 MB

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Fun, but camera and movement are both bound to left stick/arrow keys.

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In the Hub World, there is a Camera that says either "Automatic" or "Manual", that can be toggled by rolling into it.

In "Manual" Mode, you use either WASD or the Right Stick to look around.